Every day is a new day

Gallery Red, Palma de Mallorca

I’m proud to announce my latest gallery representation. Starting in April 2021 my work will be represented in Palma de Mallorca by the wonderful Gallery Red. I am thrilled to be working with Drew Aaron and his amazing team. I’m looking very much forward to a fruitful collaboration and to our upcoming projects.


Aktuelles Interview, 2021, Text Dr. Elke Backes, Fotos Natascha Romboy

Die Schönheit des Übersehenen

Braunschweig. Yes! Genauso habe ich es mir hier vorgestellt, denke ich beim Betreten des Ateliers von Manuela Karin Knaut. Ein Crossover aus Farbeimern, Farbtuben, Sprühflaschen, Ölkreide, Holzlatten, Leinwänden, Fotografien, Papierrollen, Folien, undefinierbarem Krimskrams und natürlich Farbsprenkeln, wo immer man hinsieht, spiegeln das Explosive ihrer Arbeiten in absolut jedem Winkel des Raumes. Hier wird gemischt, gerührt, übereinander geschichtet und mit Materialien experimentiert was das Zeug hält. 

Knaut zählt zu den erfolgreichsten Künstlerinnen innerhalb des sich immer stärker behauptenden Online-Kunstmarktes. Ihre Werke, die mittlerweile auf nahezu jedem Kontinent verkauft werden, lassen ebenso Elemente der Streetart wie des Objet trouvé (gefundene Gegenstände, die zur Kunst erklärt werden) erkennen. Doch kategorisieren lassen sie sich nicht. Es ist sogar eher ein offensives „Sich-nicht-einordnen-lassen-wollen“, das alle ihre Arbeiten ausstrahlen und was es für mich wieder einmal spannend macht herauszufinden, ob und inwiefern sich darin vielleicht auch die Persönlichkeit der Künstlerin zu erkennen geben wird …

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Read my latest interview with @piece_with_artist https://www.piecewithartist.com/manuela_knaut.html

well worth the hype. 165×165 cm.

My latest feature with @kooness.com curator’s pills. Much appreciated.


“The layered, painterly works of Braunschweig, Germany-based abstract painter Manuela Karin Knaut hover between the derelict and the precious. 
Their uncertain stillness—a frozen snapshot of tenuous balance in a chaotic world—evokes something both ancient and fleeting: a celebration of unexpected relationships between textures, gestures, colours and lines. Knaut builds her compositions slowly over time, adding layers of colours and materials then scraping them away, working them over and over. Gestural markings intermingle with bits of images taken from life, which are then rubbed away, transformed, abstracted and layered again. Traditional paints are mixed with everyday materials like glue, fabric, scraps of photos, and bits of discarded paper, lending her paintings to some physical and visual qualities as the modern environments that inspire her. The work is only considered finished when “the story of the painting has been told,” a moment of quiet balance that comes along unexpectedly at times. Knaut then removes the painting from the chaos of the studio and hangs it on a wall for one last moment of contemplation before it is finally signed. The intuitive, layered approach that Knaut brings to her paintings echoes her own desire to break out of her comfort zone, mentally and physically. Her search for a polyrhythmic visual language, in which a multitude of colours, textures and materials intermingle, is informed by her extensive world travels. She is as inspired by the stories of the people she meets as she is by what she calls the “charming inperfections” of the places she visits: the dilapidated surfaces of urban walls; or the colourful abundance and chaotic energy of street life. Just as she seeks out confrontations with the untamed aspects of her existence outside of the studio, Knaut strives to bring that same sense of adventure and uncertainty into each of her paintings. The tension that arises between that duality, between what is chosen, and what is unexpected, is at the heart of the work.”

Certainly. Every day is a new day. But sometimes it’s just a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious one.

Currently going back to sculptural works. Check out my latest lamp objects.

Studio news, November 2020

New gallery representation. I’m proud to announce my representation with @Ideelart, London. https://www.ideelart.com/artist/manuela-karin-knaut

09.09.2019 Embracing the Energy of City Life

Proud to be the featured artist in Saatchi Art‘ s prestigious printed fall catalog which will be delivered to more than 250000 households across the United States. See the catalog here:  Saatchi Art Fall Catalog