Every day is a new day


Berlin Fashion week is over and what remains is the memory of a great, exhausting and exciting week. I had the great pleasure and honor to create a live painting performance directly on the runway. It is a very special need for me to say thank you at this point! Thank you Danny! You trusted me. Thank you also dear Anna, you are a goddess and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for this event.

I love to always explore new areas with my art whether it is the field of installation art, architectural interventions or photography. However, such an intensive collaboration in the field of fashion was also quite new for me. I have discovered many overlaps and exciting relationships, and look forward to a continuation of this highly stimulating cooperation. Thank you @danny.reinke for your inspiration and most wonderful collection of work! Thanks @annavonrueden for being the perfect partner on the runway. Sincere thanks @schlindwein_music for the fantastic beats, @posh_foto for the runway impressions.

FALL 2022

I always knew it. Having a website is a difficult undertaking. You constantly have the feeling that the site is not up to date enough, you just can’t manage to get a real overview of what you are creating. The daily work in the studio is so varied and time demanding that there is little time to always get these things perfect too. Therefore, probably much too late, I would now like to provide you with some information about my current creation. A lot has happened in the last few months and suddenly it is already late summer. My works are currently being shown in exhibitions in various places around the world, sold at fairs or presented in collections. I’m especially looking forward to my upcoming collaboration with Danny Reinke at the Berlin Fashion week. Danny is a young award winning Berlin designer and I’m very much looking forward to his runway show. In addition, it is of course always a special pleasure to be presented at the Affordable Artfair New York. An exciting cooperation has arisen with the ACID Gallery in Lille, France. Here, too, I am very much looking forward to the upcoming group exhibition in September.

My Munich gallery, All You Can Art, is showing recent works of mine in the female exhibition and as always, many of my latest, large-scale works are on display in Palma, in Gallery Red.

I am particularly proud to say that I am being presented in two different art museums this month. Firstly, in the Chinese city of Henan, there is an international group exhibition at the Henan Art Museum, to which I have been invited. In addition, a large number of my works are currently on show at the private Austrian art museum CAMOCA. I am very honoured that the Biogena Group has purchased important works of mine for their permanent collection. Life is exciting and thrilling! Many trips are coming up and I am looking forward to meeting many of you in person. Be it in Berlin, in Munich, Lille or New York. Please always check out my Instagram account, as this is where I am much more likely to manage to document my daily creation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time, I look forward to a personal exchange. Thank you for your interest and support!

2021- the wrap-up

Dear followers, supporters, fellow artists and creators, dear friends,

what a wild year it has been! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that these past few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for all of us. With the pandemic still affecting our daily lives in ways we had hoped to have overcome by now, 2021 has been a year of change, progress, sometimes frustration but lots of opportunities and joy.

For me personally, 2021 has been one of the most exciting years ever in my artistic career. New and advanced, adapted concepts have enabled many of my visions to come true despite the current situation we are facing.

There was the Grove Collective: a gallery based in London that hosted my first online solo exhibition Intuitive Energy and created an opportunity for people all over the world to look at my art in virtual reality. I have given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at my studio with my dear friend Elke Backes, who interviewed me for her series Atelierbesuche, where she visits artists´ studios all around and gives an exclusive look at the everyday lives of content creators of all forms. Another highlight has been my solo exhibition Playground that took place in Paris last October with Paul Stewart Gallery. I have had the opportunity to be there for the vernissage and had many engaging and inspiring conversations with all the people that came by to show their support. Just a few weeks ago I have been to Hamburg where my works have been displayed at the Affordable Art Fair Hamburg with my gallery All You Can Art. After just three days my work was completely sold out for the second time and I had to unexpectedly go back to my studio to fetch some new works!

These have just been a few examples of all the countless things that have happened this year- and there are so many more! I have doubled up my studio space by renting the floor above my studio, have further grown my follower base on Instagram and all the other platforms I am active on (and thus connected with many galleries), have curated a large interior design project featuring my works in London, have been featured in a radio podcast by the German channel NDR…

All in all, I am glad and very grateful to say that this year has indeed been one of the most successful ones yet.

Obviously, none of this would have been possible without the constant and ongoing support by all of you! I want to thank all my galleries and gallerists that assist and encourage me to bring out the best in me and my works. My supporters, followers and friends that inspire, motivate and challenge me to further seek the unknown and to leave the comfort zone we tend to get stuck in. Thank you to every single person who likes, shares or looks at my ideas, my posts and the content I put out into this world.

Let´s not forget, this year is not over yet! It´s not too late to take a look at my page or message me for a customized commission work and maybe find a little something to surprise your loved ones with this Christmas. Stay tuned, I can promise you that there are many things still in the making that I can´t wait to share with you all.

Thank you for staying connected, lots of love and a safe, joyful holiday season to all of you! M.

Exklusive und streng limitierte Edition jetzt erhältlich!

Erste Edition. Von Künstlerhand übermalt. Mit Echtheitszertifikat.
Erstmalig und exklusiv bei Pro-Idee bietet sich die Gelegenheit, ein Werk der gefragten Künstlerin in einer auf 30 Exemplare limitierten Edition zu erwerben. „Safe Travels“ wurde im 12-Farben-Pigmentdruck auf Leinen produziert, nummeriert und signiert. Im Anschluss übermalt die Künstlerin jedes Exemplar nachträglich an einigen Stellen von Hand. Das Werk ist mit einer weißen Schattenfugenrahmung versehen. Dabei wird die Leinwand mit einem 0,5 cm großen Spalt von einer feinen Holzleiste umrahmt. Das Ergebnis ist eine sehr klare und wertige Präsentation der Edition (mit rückseitiger Aufhängung). Exklusiv im Pro-Idee Kunstformat. Erste Bestellungen erhalten niedrigste Nummern.

Hier geht es zur Bestellung: https://www.proidee.de/kunst/grafik-malerei/manuela-karin-knaut-safe-travels

MANUELA KARIN KNAUTS unverwechselbaren Werke sind immer ein Blickfang, ein ergreifendes Statement in Form und Farbe – beliebt nicht nur bei Topmanagern im Silicon Valley und bei Hollywood-Schauspielern.  

Erfolgreich auf der ganzen Welt.

Knauts Unikate werden weltweit ausgestellt von renommierten Galerien und sind gefragt bei Innenarchitekten und Interieur-Designern zur Gestaltung ganzer Etagen. Sie wurden bereits in den Kunstmetropolen von London bis Los Angeles, von Dubai bis Düsseldorf, von Sydney bis Moskau und von New York bis Hong Kong im fünfstelligen Preisbereich gehandelt. Ihre Arbeiten sind in privaten und öffentlichen Sammlungen auf nahezu allen Kontinenten zu finden. Ihr großformatiges Werk „It takes two“ wurde von Christie‘s 2020 in Berlin für die United Hearts Charity Gala für den doppelten Preis wie angesetzt versteigert. Auf dem wachsenden Online-Kunstmarkt zählt sie zu den erfolgreichsten Künstlerinnen (…)“

ProIdee Kunstformat Katalog, Nov.2021

Vollkommen frei und losgelöst

Gemälde von Manuela Karin Knaut sind begehrte Sammlerstücke, die von Kunstkennern von Zürich über Tel Aviv bis New York oder Los Angeles erworben werden.

Interview von Michael Eckert mit Manuela Karin Knaut, CHAPEAU Magazin, 05.2021


After much anticipation, Paul Stewart Gallery Paris is presenting my latest solo show ‘Playground’. Read the interview with Barnebys UK to learn more from the gallerist.

Read the full article here:


Manuela Karin Knaut is primarily an abstract artist. She uses different types of media, mostly paintings and installations. One of the things that I have to think about when putting on an exhibition is the name and artwork that will be used for publicity and promotion. When I thought of the word ‘Playground’ it conjured thoughts of fun, enjoyment and fantasy – now let’s apply that to an exhibition, when someone walks through the doors I’d like to think that the visitors will have fun and enjoyment, and be able to fantasise during their visit. I want visitors to come replicate this childlike experience throughout the exhibition. 

Paul Stewart, October 2021.

NDR1 Kulturspiegel

Listen to my latest radio feature with NDR1 Kulturspiegel on Sept. 14, 2021 here: https://www.ndr.de/ndr1niedersachsen/Ausstellungen-Theater-und-Musik-Mit-Martina-Gilica,audio969282.html

Intuitive Energy with Manuela Karin Knaut

Interview with SLUDGE MAGAZINE, August 2021

Intuitive Energy is a virtual exhibition by Manuela Karin Knaut, installed by the independent gallery Grove Collective. Their work aims to allow art to reflect the global marketplace, exhibiting work from a diverse range of practitioners for an equally diverse audience and collector base. Manuela Karin Knaut is a contemporary artist, based in Germany her Berlin installation of Intuitive Energy was brought to Grove Collective through virtual reality. We caught up with Manuela to discuss her influences as an artist and producing modern art in an ever-changing creative landscape.“ check out my latest interview with Sludge Magazine here: https://www.sludge.online/q-a-with-manuela-karin-knaut


Solo Exhibition, July 19-August 16, 2021

Press Release by Morgane Wagner and Jacob Barnes, Grove Collective
Berlin and London, July 2021

Grove Collective is pleased to present the upcoming solo exhibition Intuitive Energy, featuring German artist Manuela Karin Knaut, on view online in virtual reality through the Grove Collective website. This is the first time that Grove Collective and Knaut have worked together.

Manuela Karin Knaut’s work is perhaps best characterised as hanging in a delicate balance. On one hand, careening brushstrokes, fragmented text, and brusque figuration suggests a frenzy, while on the other, Knaut’s frenetic images are firmly contained to the canvas, never feeling lacking or unfinished. While there is most certainly a madness, so too does a method become apparent, undergirding everything Knaut does in her work.

In turn, the works featured in Intuitive Energy resist thematic grouping, in part due to Knaut’s practice being resistant to categorisation or ritualisation at all. Elements such as text can be included on a whim – Knaut has referenced Surrealist poetry as an influence – lending the work a sense of serendipity, as well as freedom. As such, each work and its gestures becomes a kind of event in itself, born of a specific time and place. However, when gathered together, through-lines in Knaut’s work reveal themselves, with patterns and tendencies becoming clear through sheer multiplicity.

In a broader programmatic sense, Intuitive Energy concludes a period of investment in abstraction for Grove Collective, punctuating a trio of summer exhibitions in which abstract work has been prominently featured. However, the exhibition proudly extends the work done by the gallery outside of the UK, with Knaut working from Braunschweig, Germany, and the scan of the exhibition taking place in Berlin. In this sense, Intuitive Energy anticipates a hopefully longstanding ability to work away from the gallery’s London base, engaging artists and collector bases globally.

Check out the VR exhibition online here: https://website-grovecollective.artlogic.net/exhibitions/16-intuitive-energy-a-solo-exhibition-featuring-manuela-karin-knaut/overview/

I’m proud to announce my latest gallery representation. Starting in April 2021 my work will be represented in Palma de Mallorca by the wonderful Gallery Red. I am thrilled to be working with Drew Aaron and his amazing team. I’m looking very much forward to a fruitful collaboration and to our upcoming projects.


Aktuelles Interview, 2021, Text Dr. Elke Backes, Fotos Natascha Romboy

Die Schönheit des Übersehenen

Braunschweig. Yes! Genauso habe ich es mir hier vorgestellt, denke ich beim Betreten des Ateliers von Manuela Karin Knaut. Ein Crossover aus Farbeimern, Farbtuben, Sprühflaschen, Ölkreide, Holzlatten, Leinwänden, Fotografien, Papierrollen, Folien, undefinierbarem Krimskrams und natürlich Farbsprenkeln, wo immer man hinsieht, spiegeln das Explosive ihrer Arbeiten in absolut jedem Winkel des Raumes. Hier wird gemischt, gerührt, übereinander geschichtet und mit Materialien experimentiert was das Zeug hält. 

Knaut zählt zu den erfolgreichsten Künstlerinnen innerhalb des sich immer stärker behauptenden Online-Kunstmarktes. Ihre Werke, die mittlerweile auf nahezu jedem Kontinent verkauft werden, lassen ebenso Elemente der Streetart wie des Objet trouvé (gefundene Gegenstände, die zur Kunst erklärt werden) erkennen. Doch kategorisieren lassen sie sich nicht. Es ist sogar eher ein offensives „Sich-nicht-einordnen-lassen-wollen“, das alle ihre Arbeiten ausstrahlen und was es für mich wieder einmal spannend macht herauszufinden, ob und inwiefern sich darin vielleicht auch die Persönlichkeit der Künstlerin zu erkennen geben wird …

… weiterlesen unter folgendem Link:

Studio day. August 2021


Interview about my work, March 2021

Read my latest interview with @piece_with_artist https://www.piecewithartist.com/manuela_knaut.html

What is art for you? Art for me is a way of expressing emotions and making sense of the world and human nature. Art is inspiring, humbling and in the best case, it leaves you feeling astonished for days. Art can be planned or improvisational, mapped out or completely accidental. Art means cinematography, photography, installation art, street art, performance art, painting, drawing, it means colours and black and white, conflict and peace. It can be confusing and disturbing, enlightening and beautiful. The greatest thing for me personally is that there are no rules to the creative process and that art brings people together and creates a special kind of human connection.

Manuela Karin Knaut, Artist Diaries. Piece with artist, March 2021

well worth the hype. 165×165 cm.


My latest feature with @kooness.com curator’s pills. Much appreciated.


“The layered, painterly works of Braunschweig, Germany-based abstract painter Manuela Karin Knaut hover between the derelict and the precious. 
Their uncertain stillness—a frozen snapshot of tenuous balance in a chaotic world—evokes something both ancient and fleeting: a celebration of unexpected relationships between textures, gestures, colours and lines. Knaut builds her compositions slowly over time, adding layers of colours and materials then scraping them away, working them over and over. Gestural markings intermingle with bits of images taken from life, which are then rubbed away, transformed, abstracted and layered again. Traditional paints are mixed with everyday materials like glue, fabric, scraps of photos, and bits of discarded paper, lending her paintings to some physical and visual qualities as the modern environments that inspire her. The work is only considered finished when “the story of the painting has been told,” a moment of quiet balance that comes along unexpectedly at times. Knaut then removes the painting from the chaos of the studio and hangs it on a wall for one last moment of contemplation before it is finally signed. The intuitive, layered approach that Knaut brings to her paintings echoes her own desire to break out of her comfort zone, mentally and physically. Her search for a polyrhythmic visual language, in which a multitude of colours, textures and materials intermingle, is informed by her extensive world travels. She is as inspired by the stories of the people she meets as she is by what she calls the “charming inperfections” of the places she visits: the dilapidated surfaces of urban walls; or the colourful abundance and chaotic energy of street life. Just as she seeks out confrontations with the untamed aspects of her existence outside of the studio, Knaut strives to bring that same sense of adventure and uncertainty into each of her paintings. The tension that arises between that duality, between what is chosen, and what is unexpected, is at the heart of the work.”

Certainly. Every day is a new day. But sometimes it’s just a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious one.

Currently going back to sculptural works. Check out my latest lamp objects.

New gallery representation. I’m proud to announce my representation with @Ideelart, London. https://www.ideelart.com/artist/manuela-karin-knaut

Saatchi Art Catalog feature: Embracing the Energy of City Life, Sept. 2019

Proud to be the featured artist in Saatchi Art‘ s prestigious printed fall catalog which will be delivered to more than 250000 households across the United States. See the catalog here:  Saatchi Art Fall Catalog